Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session

The goal of the Breakout Sessions is to provide an information setting for everyone to discuss their ideas, make recommendations and share concerns with the respective teams. As such, no formal presentations are planned for this portion of the agenda.

VZW Lab Forum (NDET Lab, S-IOT and Open Development)



  • Testing parametric including RF, Location Determination, GPS Feild, MIP, System Determination, and Audio and SIM/UICC
  • Testing Features including OTA, SMA, LNP, EMS, throughput, WAP, BREW, Bluetooth, LBS, Battery/CLA, Wireless sync
  • Ranking vendors based on submission compliance, vendor support, and overall test Support Open Access/LTE
  • Support Open Development
  • Responsive for all Module and Chipset Certification

Supplemental IOT

  • Perform E2E IOT in support of technical approval (TA) of branded devices and associated software updates, with respect to VoLTE E911, ePDG Live, eMBMS and Femtocell, before deployment in commercial network.
  • Perform packet-level root cause analysis of issues stemming from network-device interaction (NDI).
  • Reproduce field issues in lab through use of drive test data RF playback and packet impairment/delay capabilities.
  • Contribute to refinement of Verizon Wireless device requirements and IOT/conformance test plans.
  • Perform RF OTA device measurement testing and correlate to end user experience.

Open Development

  • Open Development [OD] team's main responsibility is to ensure certified devices are in compliance with Verizon's requirements and will not cause any harm to the Network. Understand, Determine, Prescribe, Test, and Hopefully Approve!
  • Understand the product's physical attributes, features, and function through the review of the product's Release Note, TECC, One pager, website and supplier correspondence.
  • Determine the most efficient and cost-effective test campaign based on the product's features and function.
  • Prescribe the test campaign while accounting for any testing that may be leveraged from previous testing or a parent-child relationship.
  • Test the device at an approved test lab and support all testing efforts throughout the test cycle. Review the test results and qualify any waivers to verify all test cases have successfully passed to ensure proper function on our network.
  • Approve the product for use on the VZW Network!

Test Platform and Technology

  • Test Platform Enablement for New Technologies
  • New Technologies OEM Outreach Program
  • Test Scripts Validation
  • Authorization and Management of Verizon Approved Third Party Labs.

Device Performance Team and FIT


Post Launch Performance Team

  • Provide feedback and work with OEMs to drive UE performance to meet or exceed Verizon targets.
  • Complete performance analysis and report on new hardware/software pre-launch user trials.
  • Provide quarterly performance rating breakouts for UEs by OEM.
  • Pre and Post launch monitoring of 1X, LTE and VoLTE UE level KPIs.
  • Root cause and resolve sudden changes to KPI performance.
  • Root cause and resolve user impacting device performance escalations.

Field Interoperability Testing Team (Domestic and Global FIT)

  • Responsible for the field interoperability Testing for both Domestic and Global devices.
  • Voice and data performance and feature conformance testing.
  • Retail and wholesale devices